Ceiling hook with height-adjustable extension Power Hook | Amazonas

Ceiling hook with height-adjustable extension Power Hook | Amazonas


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Ceiling hook with height-adjustable extension chain Power Hook by Amazonas

The power pack for your ceiling – attach your hanging furniture, hanging chairs and anything else you want to hang from the ceiling with the ultimate power hook.

A hanging chair should always be hung in such a way that it can rotate, so that the hanging cords do not abrade and so that you can dangle in any direction you like. With its integrated ball bearing Power Hook was developed for smooth rotating movements, but it is not suitable for rocking.

Included in the delivery

  • Special hook including ball bearing, carabiner and chain, 4 screws, 4 metal plugs
  • The screws and plugs supplied are only suitable for use in concrete

Total length: ca. 78 cm
Weight: ca. 1,0 kg
Load-bearing capacity: max. 200 kg
Material: steel (galvanized), nylon

Additional information

Weight 0,960 kg


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