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Collapsible Bottle Vesica 1L | CNOC



Collapsible Bottle Vesica 1L by CNOC

The Vesica is a collapsible, reusable and light water bottle that behaves like a hard bottle for easy drinking on the move. Simply carry 1L of water and stow away when empty.

We’ve taken our experience from the Vecto and made a robust, light and easy to use bottle so you can have a handy tool to stay hydrated. Featuring a collapsible body with a stiff neck and bottom, the Vesica can stand when full with water or air, held for drinking and collapsed when empty.

Using the same universal 28mm thread as the Vecto, the Vesica can be used as a dirty water bottle for filters like Sawyer or HydroBlu. If you like to filter into a container for easy drinking, use the Vesica with the Vecto to create a fast, light and easy to use filtering system.


  • Packable and easily stashable when empty
  • Lightweight at only 60g for a 1 liter bottle
  • Top string near the cap for easy pull from side pockets
  • Tethered cap
  • Attaches to filters with a 28 mm thread, such as the Sawyer Squeeze, Mini, or Micro, the LifeStraw Flex, and the HydroBlu Versa Flow
  • Robust and durable utilizing a thick 0.4mm TPU
  • FDA approved and BPA, BPS, and BPF free


  • Capacity: 1 liters / 32 oz
  • Packed size: 4×2.9×2.9 in / 10x5x5 cm
  • Trail size: 10×2.9×2.9 in / 25.5x5x5 cm
  • Weight: 60 g / 2.1 oz
  • Made from FDA approved TPU
  • BPA, BPF and BPS free
  • Operational temperatures: 20°F (-6°C) to 140°F (60°C)
  • Made in China

Discoloring of TPU products can occur as we do not use BPA, BPF or BPS in our TPU, which are the main chemicals used to keep plastics clear. This means that with the right combination of UV exposure and water chemicals our products can turn yellow, green or even orange. If the TPU changes color it is safe to use and not faulty.

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  1. Kevyt ja pieneen tilaan menevä pullo. Toimii hyvin Sawyerin kaltaisten vedenpuhdistimien kanssa.

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