Hammock suspension system Ultralight | Bushmen

Hammock suspension system Ultralight | Bushmen


Complete set, very light and well designed 🙂
Hammock suspension system LIGHT
Tree huggers, carabiners & whoopie slings – all together just 160g

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Hammock suspension system Ultralight by Bushmen

A complete and lightweight set for hammock suspension for outdoor installation.
Dedicated to all those who like to travel light, and at the same time who care for nature by following the motto “leave no trace”.
The set is easy to fasten the hammock between the trees with the use of two straps which do not harm the bark of the trees and are easy to level with the whoopie slings pro. The entire set is connected on both sides with ULTRALIGHT carabiners.


The set consists of two tree huggers, every two meters in length.
Single strap ends at one side with 5 loops and one loop at the other end.
Such construction makes them very low weight at the same time allowing a range of circumference adjustability while wrapping the tree.

PRO Whoopie Slings 

After wrapping the trees, use the carabiners to connect one of the loops of tree hugger straps with the fixed whoopie sling’s loop. By selecting one of the five positioning options you will hang the hammock at the desired height. Tension and the leveling can be adjusted with the moving loops of the whoopie sling.

PRO Whoopie slings are equipped with special hooks on the ends. Thanks to that you can easily hang your luggage.

You can also interlock fixed loops of the whoopie sling with the single loop of the suspension strap. Next use the carabiners, which are included in our Hammock ULTRALIGHT suspension system set, to connect the hammock with the moving loops of the whoopie sling.

This type of setting is advised when your hammock was not equipped with its own carabiners, or when you consciously aim at reducing the total weight of your gear to a minimum.


Ultra-lightweight carabiners – weigh only 21g!
The ultimate tool to connect elements of the hammock set.
Carefully rounded edges are designed not only to be nice to hold in your hand but most of all not to get hooked or tangled into the lines and straps with which they are used.
Its multi-function applicability and low weight make it an indispensable piece of equipment for even the most demanding ultralight-travelers.

All fitted in a practical carrying bag.

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