Rain skirt made of Silpoly – Rain kilt several sizes | Skalmo

Rain skirt made of Silpoly – Rain kilt several sizes | Skalmo



Rain kilt made of silpolyseveral Skalmo

Light, robust and roomy. What more is there to wish for? The Skalmo Rain skirt is built with the active hiker in mind, hiking in the wilds of northern Sweden. It’s not unusual for the weather to be highly unpredictable, from sunny to rain and back to sun on and off during a days hike. The skirt can easily be put on and taken off without having to remove shoes or take off backpack or anything else normally associated with rain pants.

So small and so light, there is no excuse not to bring the rain skirt and give yourself that extra added warmth and comfort during a hike.


  • 3 velcro attachment points- 1 for the waist, 1 knee high and 1 wrist high
  • Minimalistic design – everything is needed
  • Packs into it’s own stuffpocket

The grey colour is made in a thinner material and weighs roughly 40 grams

The rainskirt comes in three different sizes

Weight:41 gram
Length: 69cm
Waist measurment: 72-85 cm

Weight: 63 gram
Length: 78 cm
Waist measurment: 79-92 cm

Weight: 78 gram
Length: 90 cm
Waist measurment: 91-110 cm

The smaller measurments are measured with a non stretched elastic band.
The bigger measurmets are measured after a slightly stretched elastic band. What we feel are a comfortale fit.

Made in Umeå, Sweden

Our thoughts:

I have been using rain skirts for a few years now, and for the most part, for three season hiking skirts are my favorite form of rain gear. They offer great protection from endless rain, while still allowing you to stay mobile. When the rain stops, they are easy to pull on and off without having to remove shoes or even backpack. On top of that, rain skirts offer great airflow through legs, so no over heating, while keeping you warm enough, by keeping you dry. Full disclose, I designed the Skalmo Gear rain skirt.

The Skalmo Gear rain skirt is a bit of a strange product – what I mean by that is that, as most people say, “it looks like a trash bag”. Of course, a rather expensive trash bag but a very robust, and extremely minimalistic trash bag. The Skalmo Gear skirt is a perfect example of UL uniqueness. There is literally no reason not to bring it along on every adventure.

With that said, the Skirt does have some drawbacks – it’s not great for late fall hiking when the temperature starts to drop considerably and the extra warmth pants can offer is to be preferred. Some people have complained about using it in high winds – I personally haven’t experienced any major issues with regards to that as I always turn the flat part of the skirt towards the wind. So that the skirt blows onto my legs rather than the wind blowing up the skirt.


  • Ultralight
  • Great fit
  • Easy to pull on and off
  • Great protection for most 3-season hikes
  • Minimalistic excellence


  • Not a great city look
  • Perhaps too minimalistic – doesn’t look “mainstream”
  • Can be issues in heavy winds
  • Doesn’t offer “total” protection as bottom part of legs are exposed

Review by Kenneth Shaw 


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