Down Pants full length zips – Ghost Pants | Pajak

Down Pants full length zips – Ghost Pants | Pajak



Down pants with full length zips Ghost Down Pants Pajak

Down pants for hikers, lightweight and warm intermediate pants for all kinds of winter hiking. The product comes with a small (18 x 30 x 9 cm) mesh bag, which makes it easy to pack the down pants. The filling is made of high quality Polish white goose down (750FP), which is RDS certified. The slim fit keeps the down close to your body for maximum warmth and comfort.

Full-length zippers

Full-length zippers run along the outer edge of the down pants, opening from the bottom up. At the top end of the zipper is a protective bracket that covers the metal part of the zipper. The zipper puller remains in the position in which you turn it. That is, it will not hit the ground unless you leave it there when you close the zipper. There is a strip of fabric in the mouth of the sleeve that goes over the zipper to cover the zipper puller. The bib is closed with a snap fastener. A windbreaker/reinforcing tape runs along the inside of the zipper.

Elasticated waist and drawstring

An elasticated waistband runs along the waist of the trousers, which is naturally two-piece due to the full-length zips. The waist of the trousers can be tightened with a buckle elastic band that only runs along the front waistband. The trousers have a short zipped fly protected on the outside by a windbreaker and a reinforcing tape on the inside.

Why are these trousers a good choice for hikers ?

Thanks to the full-length zippers, there is no need to take off your shoes for putting on and taking off. The waist is high and the cut is so well designed that the back is not exposed when squatting. These trousers are not designed to be worn in freezing temperatures, but are designed to be worn as an intermediate garment and all by themselves. The back and crotch of the pants have abrasion resistant fabric to extend the life of the pants.

Slim model

These trousers are a slim fit, so they may not fit over normal camping trousers as break pants. They are best worn as an intermediate garment and are designed for that purpose. These pants are designed to be as close to your body as possible, to create maximum insulation.

Technical specifications

Weight: 330 [G] Size L
Sizes: S M L XL XXL (see pictures for size chart)
Filling: 750 FP Polish white goose down RDS

RDS certified down

RDS stands for Responsible Down Standard. The RDS standard ensures that down is from animals that have been treated well. The standard pays special attention to animal welfare. The standard does not accept the force-feeding of animals and/or the collection/plucking of feathers and down from live birds.

  • RDS is an independent, voluntary international standard
  • Raw material is not collected from live or force-fed birds
  • The whole supply chain is transparent and traceable


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