Roll Top Pump and Dry Bag 12 l | Bushmen

Roll Top Pump and Dry Bag 12 l | Bushmen


A simple and practical waterproof bag with an air-mat pump feature. The valve at the bottom of the bag allows you to use Pump&BAG e.g. as a tap with water, a vacuum bag, a rescue buoy.


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Pump and Dry Bag 12 l by Bushmen

A simple and practical waterproof bag with the function of an air-mat … and more. A very functional complement to your camping equipment.
A smart feature of a valve at the bottom of the bag gives many new possibilities.

Pump&BAG is made of 20D nylon with a TPU coating. The side seams are welded. that guarantees full waterproofness here. The edges of the bag opening are stiffened on both sides. That increases water tightness and facilitates its rolling.
When closed properly, the bag has an IP67 waterproof code.

It protects the equipment against moisture (e.g. sleeping bags, top quilts, documents, etc.)
After loading the bag, the closing is done by rolling the upper edge of the bag 3 times and closing the buckle. The bag has a capacity of 12L.
Thanks to the valve, the bag have also several other functions such as:

Handy air-mat pump

A convenient pump for inflating air mattresses. To inflate the mattress, put the open bag-valve into the open mattress valve.
Then open the bag by catching air into it and close Pump&BAG by rolling it.
The air from the bag is forced into the mattress in this way.
It is enough to inject air from the bag just 5 times to inflate e.g. CAMP (+) air-mattress.
It takes about the same time as pump lips, but it is much more convenient and hygienic.

Vacuum bag

After loading the bag and closing it, you can additionally push the air out through the valve and close the valve.
This greatly reduces its volume, which allows you to save a lot of space, e.g. in a backpack, kayak or bicycle pannier.

Rescue buoy

After closing the empty bag, it can be additionally pumped through the valve. This allows for increasing the buoyancy of such an emergency rescue buoy. Closing the bag with a buckle gives a firm grip.

Water Tank

One side of the bag is black, thanks to that the sun quickly heats the water in the bag.
After hanging the bag, the valve at the bottom of it acts as a tap, under which you can conveniently wash e.g. dishes
Warning! – do not pump mattresses with a bag that is wet inside.


By filling the bag with clothing, we get a simple and comfortable pillow.

Pump&BAG dimensions:

Weight – 100g
After rolling, dimensions are only 19x6x4cm
Expanded – 35x60cm (+ buckle)
12L capacity

Additional information
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 35 × 1 cm

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  1. Venttiili ei sovellu suoraan ainakaan Expedin makuualustaan. Vaatii siis lisäksi jonkinlaisen adapterin.

  2. kevyt ja fiksun tuntuinen varuste. pumppuun voisi olla erilaisia päitä joilla sopisi muihin makuualustoihin ym.

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