Ultralight Tarp 4 x 3 m | Bushmen

Ultralight Tarp 4 x 3 m | Bushmen


4×3 ULTRALIGHT Tarp – big and ultralight rectangular tarp.
Made of micro-ripstop weaved silnylon 15D.
With merely 600gm of weight it provides for 12m2 of the surface with 19 attachment points.
It comes in a practical transportation sack with carrying handles.

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Ultralight Tarp 4 x 3 m dark olive by Bushmen

Big and ultralight (600gm) rectangular tarp, made of micro-ripstop weaved silnylon 15D. It’s the best choice for those who like to travel light, yet appreciating spacious comfort by the end of the day, and of course for the fans of resting in the hammocks.

ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 4×3 / dark olive by BUSHMEN Travel Gear is one of the absolutely lightest tarps on the market. It weighs only 600gm, which is around 30% less than most 3 × 3 tarps and provides for 30% more of the surface!

It’s all about GRAMS  – we took care even for the welt to be ultralight. It weighs less than 0.5 gm, to be precise 0,4831gm! When packed our tarp takes no more space than a 0.7l bottle.

Being that light it’s the best choice of equipment for ultralight-travelers, long-distance hikers, or ultimately space-limited cyclists or canoeists.

If you travel light, it’s the best choice for you.


Our ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 4×3 / dark olive is made of ultralight micro-ripstop weaved silnylon 15D.

Silicone coating ensures it’s water resistance up to 2500mm HH.
It has 19 attachment loops, 16 along the edges and 3 across the tarp.

Black seam tape across the tarp is an additional reinforcement and protection against leaking. This tape is thermally sealed to the line of the seam, creating a permanent connection with the silicone layer.  This technology provides for the waterproof feature of the seam line and its additional strength.

In addition, this product comes with 6 tensioning cords (3m each) and a carrying sack with a handle-strap.

In contrary to Tarps 3×3, additional three square meters of the Tarp 4×3 guarantees that 3m long hammock (and even bigger) will effortlessly fit under this roof.

It’s just simply COOL!


The loops in our tarps are designed to be easier in handling than classic ones. An extra allowance of the loop’s gap is not only making it easier to install the tarp in challenging conditions but also makes the tape of the loop form itself better while exposed to the tension. This inconspicuous change in the construction ensures as well the more even division of tension along the tarp’s edges.

Thanks to this solution, we didn’t have to apply additional edge reinforcement, hence we were able to reduce the total weight of the tarp, without compromising its resistance. Only the edges of the corner loops have additional support which makes the overall durability of our ULTRALIGHT Tarp even higher.


The set of this product includes 6 tensioning cords.
Thanks to those cords obtaining an accurate tensioning of the tarp’s surface are very easy and are adjusted by the loops of the tarp.

Simply attach the tensioner’s hook to a loop.

Loops and tensioners are matched to each other, when hooked, the tensioner is perfectly held and will not slip out. Thanks to this solution, the tensioners are used where they are really needed and do not create unnecessary tension.
To adjust accurate tension pull the cord by the tensioner.

Transportation bag

The carrying bag is equipped with the handle strap and loops positioned along with the bag and at its round bottom.

The handle strap allows comfortably to attach the sack to the backpack, without the risk of losing it during transportation.
It excellently helps with carrying it around or reaching it from the spots like the canoe’s bow, or from between other luggage.
Besides that, you can create a handy, suspended storage-pocket by interlacing the ridgeline of your hammock through the loops of the sack.
After folding the tarp takes very little space and fits the 1l bag.
Dimensions are merely  23 x 8,5 x 8,5cm thus it will fit in the outer backpack’s pocket.


Our tarp can be installed into plenty of settings thanks to its loop positioning.
Using the surrounding’s natural elements like trees or rocks or your hiking equipment like nordic walking sticks, ores, bicycle, or regular sticks, you can create a great tent appropriate to the particular place or weather.

ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 4×3 / dark olive provides excellent protection while camping with the hammock, for example, our hammock CAMO.


  • Size  4x3m
  • Attachment points – 19 loops
  • Water Resistance – up to 2 500mm HH
  • Weight – 0.6kg
  • Pack size 23×8,5×8,5 cm
  • 6 tensioning cords


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