Topquilt Camp-Quilt Glow +5°C | Bushmen

Topquilt Camp-Quilt Glow +5°C | Bushmen

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An ultra-light (620g) goose down travel quilt.
Depending on the needs, it will protect one or even two persons.
Camp-quilt is about 20% lighter than a goose down sleeping-bag with the same parameters and about two times lighter than a synthetic sleeping bag.
Made to be used while sleeping in the hammock, in the outdoor ground-set, or the traditional mattress.


Topquilt Camp-Quilt Glow +5°C by Bushmen

Don’t be misguided by its traditional duvet-look. It hides several solutions that allow you to quickly create a super-warm hammock top-quilt, sleeping-bag for sleeping on the air-matt, or even a double-person duvet. Made for the farthest journeys.

When at home, its dimensions will allow you to use it traditionally. Wrapped in a duvet-case it will provide for a comfortable sleep in your own bed.

GLOW – Camp quilt +5C is about 20% lighter than a down sleeping bag with the same parameters and about two times lighter than a corresponding size, synthetic sleeping bag.

Such good results are achieved thanks to the high-quality materials used for production, and a semi-open structure of the H-section seam-chambers of the quilt.
The product name indicates +5OC as the experienced comfort temperature when you cover yourself while sleeping in a hammock with an under-quilt.

Remember! – To ensure such comfort remember that the under quilt should have at least the same comfort temperature as the Camp quilt or mattress indicated.


Thanks to the unique design, besides its basic function of a comfortable top quilt (sleeping bag /duvet) our GLOW – Camp quilt +5C can be also used as an additional layer of insulation for a sleeping bag.

Additional important information about comfort temperature, limit temperature, and overall outdoor sleep comfort can be found here.

Worth noticing is GLOW Camp-quilt +5OC compact volume of merely 4.5 liters after packing!

Transportation sack facilitates quick packing and the special handle at the bottom of the bag significantly helps with its unpacking.

It is an ideal 3-season (spring/summer/autumn) solution for those ultra-light enthusiasts who value a comfortable, restful sleep and unlimited freedom of taking different sleeping positions.


The filling of our GLOW Camp-quilt +5C is made of the worldwide appreciated Polish goose down, widely recognized as the best in terms of elasticity. This parameter is of key importance for the insulation. Thanks to its unique traits, goose-down remains by far the most efficient and lightest thermo-insulating agent.

There is one more thing we are very proud of and what makes our GLOW Camp-quilt +5OC stand out: our down is recycled! Down is obtained for us from the products whose operational standards make it necessary to replace it with the new one. Before it is used in our quilts down undergoes a process of deep disinfection and cleaning. Washing is carried out only with the use of biodegradable washing agents. Ultimately clean, disinfected, and dried down is selected and supplemented with additional new down to guarantee elasticity at the level of 750 cuin.

We are proud to implement this sustainable approach in our production to limit our carbon footprint and the goal of contributing to the improvement of animal welfare.

Construction of GLOW Camp-quilt +5C

Our GLOW Camp-quilt +5OC is 135cm wide and comes in two lengths 200cm & 220cm (depending on the model).

We have applied for the range of quilt products the rectangular-shaped, centrally placed seams called H-section for the construction of the down chambers. This is proven to be the optimum performing solution for the 3 seasons insulation of quilts and sleeping-bags. Also, such sections prevent the fluff from excessive moving to the lower parts of the quilt.

The upper part of the quilt has a unique solution that allows you to wrap your head with a warm down-collar. It is enough to fasten the edges of the quilt with press-buttons and put the head through the resulting hole. As next pull the rope which is embedded in the quilt and positioned at the level of the neck so that the quilt covers the shoulders and comfortably protects your neck and head.

The edge of the quilt and the rope when pulled under the quilt, create a vestibule, which is an effective barrier against cold air inflow around the neck and shoulders.

The base part of the quilt has a zipper and a welt. Fastening the edges with the zipper and then pulling the rope embedded in the welt creates an insulated space for the legs, the so-called “foot-box”. This provides for additional thermal protection while allowing you to adjust the degree of thermal comfort up to your liking.

The edges of the quilt are additionally equipped with small plastic eyelets that allow the expanders, included in the set, to be hooked to them. This gives you an option to wrap yourself tightly in the quilt by leashing the expanders around the body, giving it the functionality of a mummy sleeping bag. In this way, a semi-open sleeping bag is created. What’s essential about this solution – the down covers and insulates you from the top, sides, and around the legs. In contrary to the traditional sleeping bags, the back/bottom layer of down is not pressed and crushed (which prevents from insulating) simply because it’s not there. Your back is protected and insulated by the Underquilt GLOW suspended under your hammock. Here you can learn more about Underquilts.

Expanders–eyelets system can serve as well to press down the quilt to the mattress so that it will not slip in other than a hammock-use application.

The quilt on both sides is made of ultra-light (22g / sqm) DWR nylon in a micro-ripstop weave.

This material provides adequate strength and breathability which allows the perspiration, evaporated by the body, to be transmitted away from the body, thereby allowing complete comfort.

At the same time, nylon is so dense that the fluff does not penetrate the material and does not come out of the chambers, even after long-time use. DWR (Durable Water Repellency) impregnation prevents water absorption by fabric and down. The water condenses on the surface of the quilt and flows freely without being absorbed.

Colors and application.

One side of the quilt is dark green and blends perfectly into the natural surroundings. The other side, like the jackets of military aviators, is orange. Camp-quilt hung with the orange side up, draws attention to our location.
The set includes two expanders (1.25 m) equipped with special hooks/tensioners. Self-locking tensioners are a proven and reliable solution that we use in our ULTRALIGHT Tarps, THERMO Blankets and under quilts GLOW.

If we don’t plan to sleep in the hammock but on a flat surface (e.g. under a tarp), it is convenient to fasten the expanders around the mattress, and by hooking them into the eyelets of the quilt, we prevent it from slipping off of the body.

This solution works great in both applications of GLOW Camp-quilt +5O: when we use it as a duvet (by sliding the hooks apart onto the edges of the mattress) and as a sleeping bag (by lashing them around the body) and creating a foot-box for the legs.

Camp-quilt GLOW +5OC – is an ultra-light and very comfortable sleeping solution. It enables a comfortable sleep both in a hammock and on the ground.

* The comfort temperature is based on the assumption that a mattress / under-quilt with at least the same thermal temperature is used.


Length – 200 cm
width – 135 cm
fill – recycled goose down750 CUIN
Camp-quilt weight – 620g
Chamber quantity – 19
Chamber type – H
2 expanders
compression sack


A pair of 1,25m expanders
Compression bag
Breatheble bag for long term storage


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