Topquilt DD Hammock Quilt | DD Hammocks

Topquilt DD Hammock Quilt | DD Hammocks




Topquilt DD Hammock Quilt | DD Hammocks

Quiltti on rakenteeltaan makuupussia kevyempi ratkaisu. DD Hammock Quilt sopii riippumattoretkeilyyn Suomen kesässä.
The Hammock Quilt features a three-quarter length opening on the underside, to allow for easy entry and exit when sleeping in a hammock, with an integrated hood and foot covering.

The underside opening features drawstrings round the perimeter – when pulled tighter, the quilt encloses around you. Similarly, the open foot end and hood can be cinched in with drawstrings of their own, essentially turning the quilt into a sleeping bag which wraps around the whole body. Ideal for keeping out an unexpected chilly breeze and retaining extra warmth until the sun rises.

If it warms up, or you want to spread out some more, just loosen the drawstrings and the quilt opens up again!

The DD Hammock Quilt offers its optimum comfort level when used in temperatures down to 2°C (35°F) with an Underblanket.
Whether you use a Hammock Quilt or a sleeping bag for hammock camping is completely down to preference. If you’d like the extra option, consider our hammock-friendly Jura 2 Sleeping Bag – featuring a central zipper and waterproof footbox.

Size                    Comfy for people up to 6ft 5ins

Colour               Olive green

Weight              875g

Includes            Hammock Quilt, compression sack

  • Ripstop nylon quilt, filled with 200gsm synthetic silk.
  • Three-quarter length opening on the underside to allow easy access.
  • Drawcords on the underside opening, foot-end opening, and around the hood to adjust fit around the body.
  • Wider at the torso and narrower at the foot end, for a better fit around your body

    Width at top = 128 cm
    Width at bottom = 92 cm
    Length = 194 cm