Ultralight-reppu Gramless Pack X-Pac 35L | Liteway

Ultralight-reppu Gramless Pack X-Pac 35L | Liteway



Ultra light backpack GRAMLESS PACK built from heavy duty, wearproof and waterproof material X-PAC.
The backpack is built from heavy duty, wearproof and waterproof material  X-Pac
X-Pac is a laminate fabric comprised of the following layers Nylon, Polyester, PET film.This material is specifically designed for enhanced abrasion resistance with the lowest possible weight. It is flexible, lightweight, thin and waterproof.
The unique design has simple roll top construction which can be fast loading and easy adjustment of the volume.
There are a lot of additional pockets for quick access, convenient placement and easy packing of gear in it.
The backpack helps to improve your speed, efficiency, increase hiking distance and pleasure from the mountains.
Ideal choose for those who want to save every gram in their gear.
• Minimalistic simple design
• Frameless design
• Loops around of the backpack for individual lacing and fixing extra gear
• Loops on a back of backpack for attaching a sleeping pad along the back
• Light weight
• Removable adjustable chest strap
• Compatible with hydration system
• 5 additional pockets
• Volume side pockets that hold 1.5-2 liters plastic water bottle
• Adjustable volume of the pack due roll top format
• There are water drain holes in the side pockets
• Inside waist side pockets have carbines for fixing useful things
Full volume: 35L
Internal: 28L
Center pocket: 3L
Side pockets: 2 x 2L
Stretch pockets on harness: 2 x 0.5L
Up to 12kg
It’s depends from length of a body (torso length). This is the distance between the top of the shoulder straps and the bottom of the backpack.
S/M — 45 cm / height 150-175 cm
M/L — 50 cm / height 175 and higher
Material: X-Pac (V-07 / VX-07 / VX-21 / LS-07), nylon elastic fabric, WJ, YKK zipper;
Weight: about  390 grams VX-07 / LS-07 (without chest strap, elastic cords) / 420 grams – VX-21 (without chest strap, elastic cords);
Complete set: Gramless Pack, chest strap, elastic cord.


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